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Communications Audit

Communication is the most important factor in business, yet who in your organization is responsible for ensuring its effectiveness?

Who is continually scanning the marketplace to ensure your people have the best technology to be maximally effective both internally and externally with clients — while working from home, office, or anywhere they please?

Likely there is no one in your organization who is dedicated to ensuring that communication is easy, smooth, and efficient. Likely gaps and friction abound and it causes a lack of connection, engagement, and trust.

We will audit the way your company communicates and provide the top recommendations on how to improve.

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Thousands of CommTech options

CommTech Brokerage

Choosing between so many communication technologies is tough! What’s “good enough” for your IT department may not be best for your employees or customers.

Our experts will show you how leading companies are succeeding with various new technologies.  

Here are just a few of the ways we deliver value:

  • AI chatbots that actually help your customers
  • Modern contact centre solutions that delight
  • Conversational intelligence tools that assist with coaching and surface new opportunities for sales
  • Email solutions that dramatically improve engagement rates
  • Video conferencing technologies that give your sales people the competitive edge
  • Social listening technologies that help you expand your reach and engage more customers

Modern Workspaces

Meeting in person is ideal. Losing your best people who don’t want to commute into a lackluster office is not.

We partner with leaders in hardware and software technology to create modern workspaces that employees actually want to visit.

  • Modern meeting rooms and video booths
  • Hot Desking
  • Virtual Kiosks
  • Workspace Reservation
  • Digital Signage
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a computer with multiple people on a zoom call.

Video Communication Coaching

How your people show up on video speaks volumes.  That’s if you can even get your employees to put their cameras on!

Our Communication Consultants will work with your executives and users alike to ensure everyone shows up at their best.

  • 1-on-1 Executive Coaching on how to look great on camera.  We’ll help you get the right equipment to look and sound your best.  From lighting and framing, to digital makeup, we’ll help you feel confident and assured.
  • Communication consulting to combat shyness and video fatigue.
  • We’ll show your staff how to go beyond just the basics of Zoom and learn how to truly CONNECT, ENGAGE< and create TRUST with their teams and customers.


Feedback From Our Clients

Bernie O'Reilly -Broadsign
    Bernie O’Reilly -Broadsign

    Director, Information Systems and Technology

    As one of your customers, you gave us white glove treatment even though we were a small account, and you were always there to help us be successful with what we had purchased, not just if there was a potential new deal.

    Kenny Thurston - Dialog
      Kenny Thurston – Dialog

      Manager, Technology Experience

      Your dedication to your customers is unparalleled. Being a Canadian Zoom client we went through many and I mean many account managers. We were a customer in 2018 well before the pandemic. You … proved you could help us. Always appreciated your dedication.

      Derrick Smith - UNI Financial
        Derrick Smith – UNI Financial


        David is always looking out for his customers. I’ve always appreciated him proactively introducing new technologies to us and how we could benefit from them! Great personality, transparency and customer focused!

        Roger Steers -RJC Engineeers
          Roger Steers -RJC Engineeers

          Executive Principal

          I first met David near the beginning of the pandemic, as we needed to broaden our communication platforms. David’s support was exceptional. He effectively made us feel like we were always his number one Client. He was responsive and effective without exception!


          Popular Questions From Clients

          Our morale and culture isn’t what it was when everyone was in the office. Can you help?

          Absolutely! Everyone being in the office facilitated Connection, Engagement, and Trust. We’ll show you how you can still achieve that while allowing your employees to work where they want. With the right technology and training, everything is possible.

          Can you help us reduce friction with hybrid working?

          Yes. Employees are no longer interested in long commutes to the office. Hybrid working is probably here to stay and top employers must figure out how to meet the need or lose their top people.

          We’ll help you ensure that employees can be Connected, Engaged, and Trusted to work from anywhere; as well as helping you create office spaces people WANT to visit.

          Can you help us find the best Communication Technology to meet our various needs?

          Indeed. We have access to more than 250 of the top hardware and software vendors that can help you do what you’re trying to do. We have a deep bench of technical experts who can walk you through your options and quickly deploy the best solution.