It’s really everything.

We truly believe that everything you want in life will be created in communication and the effectiveness of that communication will dictate everything from your marriage, to your employee and customer happiness.

We believe there is no venture more worthwhile than to join with other like minded individuals, and to work together on a shared vision and mission to create what you want to see in the world.

With over 9 years of experience in helping many of the world’s largest brands to improve their communications, David Toushek leads a team of dedicated professionals to help you identify the biggest gaps, frictions, and challenges in your company’s communications that is standing in the way of happier employees and happier customers. From technologies and services, to processes, coaching and development, our team will help you discover everything you’ve been missing and create everything you want.

We’re backed by teams of experts with wide and deep expertise in everything from Contact Center, UCaaS and AI technologies to traditional communications technology like Security, Networking, Data and more.


To be the world’s go to hub for everything communications; enabling businesses to create happy employees and customers through the power of communication.


To create happy engaged employees who create happy engaged customers, by increasing Connection, Engagement, and Trust through communication.


Experience You Can Trust

We have worked with many of the largest brands in Canada and the US, helping them better engage their employees and customers through various communication channels such as Video, Instant Messaging, Email, and Social Media.

We have helped many companies create office spaces that employees love and have enabled hybrid working that works.

Professional Team

Our team has more than 9 years in executive consulting to many of the largest brands in Canada and the US.

We are backed by Solutions Engineers from the largest CommTech brokerages in the world: Telarus and Intelisys.

We work closely with technical resources at our partner vendors to ensure the highest level of expertise.

World Wide Service

Located in Toronto Canada, we can help clients around the world create communications solutions that work.

We can meet with you via Zoom to understand your specific needs and show you better ways to connect and engage with your employees and customers.

Of course we offer language translation services so language is not a barrier.

Where We Shine

We identify and remove communication friction that stands in the way of happy engaged employees, creating happy and engaged customers.

Communication Consulting
Conversational Inteligence
Video Conferencing
AI Chatbots


a computer with a Zoom call
a computer with many people on a zoom call.

Best Solutions For Your Business

As Intelisys and Telarus broker partners we have access to more than 250 of the top CommTech solutions in the world. As brokers we work to ensure you get the right technology at the best price. Our focus isn’t on selling you technology, its helping you to create happier employees and customers THROUGH technology.

Meet our team.

The Best People To Support Your Project
David Toushek

David Toushek

Founder, Managing Director

About Dave

David has consulted many of Canada’s largest brands to improve their communications. From email and social, to personalized marketing as well as video conferencing and collaboration, he has helped companies to create communication that connects, engages and builds trust with both employees and customers alike.

His background in marketing, as well as his consultative approach makes him a valuable asset to help you identify the largest communication gaps in your organization that can lead to immediate high impact.

Be sure to check out the several endorsements he’s received as well as follow him on LinkedIn.


David operates as a broker agent under Intelisys and Telarus and is backed by Teams of experts who bring deep technical knowledge in everything from AI powered communications and contact centre solutions, to Data, Networking, and Security.

He also has direct access to Solutions Engineers from hundreds of vendors with deep expertise at each of the various technology partners he represents.