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Maximize and Optimize the Power of Communications Across Your Organization

From Sales and Marketing to Operations, HR, and IT we help you create happy engaged employees, and happy engaged customers.

Communication Maximized Across Your Organization

Communication isn’t a department. It’s not your corporate comms or your PR.

Rather, it’s how all your employee and customer experiences are created.

Maximize and optimize communications holistically across your organization to create the happiest employees and customers.

Communication solutions for...

Communication solutions for...

Empower Your Communication Strategy with Our Expertise

We bring you teams of seasoned professionals with deep expertise across many disciplines like contact center, cloud phone, unified communications, room systems, AI Bots, live chat, gen-AI and much, much more.

Insights and Strategies for Success

David Toushek

Founder, Managing Director

Our Services

We provide everything you need to maximize and capitalize on the immense power of communication.  First surfacing your company’s largest gaps, frictions, and challenges in communication; and then solving them with our vast teams of experts, and technology and service providers –and all at no or nominal cost to you.

Communication Audit

Standing in the way of both your employee and customer satisfaction, are hundreds of gaps, frictions, and opportunities that are not being addressed.

Our communication audit surfaces the biggest gaps, frictions, and challenges across your organization and provides recommendations to create better employee and customer experiences.

From Sales to Marketing, and from Operations to HR, everything in your business and with your customers relies on effective communication and resonance.

Let us help you identify the most critical areas for improvement.

CommTech Brokerage

With thousands of communication technologies available, who has time and expertise to know them all?! And what works best for your IT department, may not work best for your employees or customers.

Our CommTech experts will show you how leading companies are succeeding with various new technologies (and just like buying through an insurance or travel brokerage you get better service for the same if not better price).

Our Approach

Our low cost (or even free!) audits are designed to help you identify and solve the biggest gaps, frictions, and challenges in your organization to create more connection, engagement, and trust with your most important stakeholders.



The first step is often missed as companies fail to properly connect with their employees and customers.
From prospecting emails to social media, and from silos to culture, find out how we can help.



Customer and employee engagement are functions of communication.
We'll identify your biggest gaps and frictions and show you how to increase your engagement with your most critical stakeholders.

Create Trust


People buy from people and companies they trust and this is created in communication.

We'll show you how to increase trust with your most important stakeholders.

Technology Partners

A few of our more than 250 CommTech partners.

Feedback From Our Clients

Don’t take it from us — hear what our customers have to say instead.

Hear from one of our clients - Navacord

Neal Delaney

IT Project Manager

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Insights and Strategies for Success

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