Is Customer Experience Too Cliché?

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To really put your customer first, put yourself in their shoes and think about their experience.


That’s obvious and simple right?  Cliché even, right?  


Cool, but do you actually do it?  

Do your salespeople?


Take something as simple as booking a time with a customer.  Whose company name goes first, your customers’ or yours?  Your customer’s name goes first so that you can show their needs are being prioritized first right?  


No. Wrong.


If you put yourself in your customer’s shoes and look at your own calendar, you may realize that it does you zero good to know that you’re meeting with someone else.  Of course you’re meeting with someone else –it’s your calendar!  


The most critical bit of information in your calendar title (and your customer’s calendar title!) is: Who am I meeting with?  Followed closely by: why?


So put your customer first and tell them.  Not by putting their name first in a show of deference.  They don’t need deference, and they actually don’t need their name in the title at all –the one who really needs their name in there is you –so you can know who you’re meeting with.  Just like them.


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