Looking for Alternative to BlueJeans? Ex Zoomie can help!

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As a leading CommTech broker we work to assess your needs and provide you with the best technology advice to create the happiest employees and customers. 

Best of all, our service is free as we get paid by the vendors we represent!


With experience in helping many of North America’s largest brands better communicate and engage their audiences, as well as with 3 years experience at Zoom, our team can help you identify the best solution as well as provide support and enablement to get your team converted off BlueJeans and onto something that can properly meet the needs of your staff and customers.


We also go well beyond UCaaS to help ensure your company is wholistically approaching its communications strategy so that you have the best technology to create the happiest employees and customers.


We can help with everything from instant messaging, video calls & webinars, to cloud telephony and conversational intelligence and so much more!  We actually partner with more than 250 of the top CommTech companies in the world as we work to help our clients maximize and optimize their communications (see image below).  

We work with clients all around the world to help them create happier employees and customers.

Check out our client endorsements and please contact us to discuss how we can help.

David Toushek wearing Zoom shirt surrounded by many Zoom competitor logos
Just a few of our favourite communications technologies beyond simple UCaaS