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It’s obvious that I have a huge bias for Zoom, but that has nothing to do with being an ex-Zoomie or having any particular allegiance to the brand. 

Sure, I may be the biggest fanboy outside of Zoom, but that doesn’t mean I’ll always recommend it.

My commitment is to my clients and my bias is for the best possible tech that helps them create the happiest employees and customers at the best value.

My reputation is the most important thing I have and that’s why I’ve always sought out the best companies with the best technology in their niche to work for.  If I was going to sell a product or service it would only be for a company with a product or service I believed in.  When that changed, I’ve quit –even without another company to go to.  I don’t rep tech I don’t believe in and my LinkedIn profile is full of endorsements to this effect.

Zoom is the best technology on several fronts and for several reasons: video calls, phone, rooms, hands down. That’s true even if your IT department and CFO prefers the free product they feel is “good enough”.  Good enough for them, may not be good enough for your employees or your customers.  We help your company prioritize the latter while taking advantage of whatever free technology you already have access to (for 86% of the F100, it’s not either or —it’s both!).

…AND as the leading CommTech broker with more than 250 top CommTech vendors at our avail we have the ability to sell most of Zoom’s competitors as well.

Gong for instance is the leading conversational intelligence tool in the market, and as a Gong partner we can help your company determine whether ZoomIQ or Gong is the better fit to help your sales, customer service, and recruiting teams best achieve their goals.  Not sure how conversational intelligence can supercharge your sales and rep coaching?  Let’s talk.

Contact Centre is another area. Zoom has a great contact center solution –and so do the other companies in our portfolio: Talkdesk, Five9, 8×8 to name a few of the industry leaders. Again, our allegiance is not to Zoom in any way.  Our allegiance is to help our clients find the best technology to meet their ever changing (and increasingly demanding!) needs.

AI and human powered Chatbots are another area.  Zoom has a fantastic chatbot called Zoom Virtual Assistant.  And, we also partner with several other industry leaders in the area of AI and GPT powered bots (Intercom, Ada, Optimy).  We even have a “thinking machine” from our friends at Replicant –if you’ve never seen an AI handle a full customer service call all by itself, check it out.  

At Everything Communications we aim to bring you the best and most advanced Communications Technologies in the marketplace.  For us it’s not about particular vendor allegiances any more than it’s about cheap or easy.  We help companies create the best employee and customer experiences that make them great places to work and buy from.  Click the chat button or Contact us to discuss how we can help you.