Stop Wasting Everyone’s Time Scheduling Meetings!

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Still sending emails back and forth to find a suitable meeting time?  Stop it!


In today’s fast-paced world, the traditional approach of ping ponging back and forth about potential meeting times is a waste of everyone’s valuable time and energy.  Not to mention added volume in our already overflowing and life sucking inboxes. 


Just like you shouldn’t send Webex or MS Teams links to external parties (you don’t send Webex or MS Teams links to external parties right?!), you also shouldn’t be wasting your client’s time with needless back and forth via email.  Use the right technology to make communicating with your company easy and enjoyable and stop making your customers and prospects roll their eyes and groan!


Calendly is one popular scheduling solution, but there are several (Clockwise, SavvyCal, and many more).  


Here at Everything we use Hubspot’s built in scheduling tool which comes included with their CRM –even with their free version which we’re currently using!


Hubspot Calendar Scheduling page

In the future I anticipate that the actual calendar providers (i.e. Microsoft and Google) will finally step up with their own offerings that are as good as what the 3rd parties offer, but as we’ve seen with instant messaging and video conferencing they often get beat at their own game (i.e. Slack and Zoom) due to their massive product portfolios and lack of focus on specific but critical items.

But wait, there’s more!

Calendar scheduling is just one tiny example of technology you can use to create a big impact in better customer experience.   Dealing with your company shouldn’t be difficult.  It doesn’t have to be difficult and your customers know that.  Don’t allow your competitors make you look bad and old fashioned.  Make it easy.  Make it “refreshingly frictionless” as we say.


There are so many things your company can do to make buying from you refreshingly simple –scheduling is just a basic one that we look for when we audit clients to identify the minimum things they should be doing in 2023 to improve their communications and create happier customers.


 For clients who want to go beyond just the bare minimum, and really maximize the opportunity to delight their customers we’ll discuss everything from live chat options, to intelligent GPT and AI powered bots, to the most cutting edge Communications Technology that creates the best employee and customer experiences available today.  There’s an entire world of advanced technology opening up that wasn’t available just a few years ago that your company can use to wow your customers and surge past all your competition.  If you’re not already investigating these options then you’re already falling behind.


By leveraging communication technology throughout the customer journey, your company can remove barriers, reduce friction, and make transactions much more seamless.  We can help you  do that.

Optimizing communications in 2023:

In our ever-evolving world, businesses need to stay ahead of the curve. We help you identify and solve your biggest gaps and frictions in communication to create happier employees and customers allowing you to improve morale, culture, and sales, and surpass your competition.



Don’t let outdated communication exchanges hold your business back.  At Everything Communications, we offer comprehensive audits to help you identify and implement the minimum requirements for effective communication in 2023. Take the first step today by clicking the blue chat button on the right and contact us for an audit to propel your business forward.