Communication Is EVERYTHING!

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What is communication if not the most important tool you have in your life?

They say “nothing in business happens without a sale”. Well nothing happens at all without communication. There is no product, there is no sales department, there is no business.

Everything you’ve created in your life you created through communication –for better or worse. Communication is how you got married.  Communication is how you got divorced. It’s the relationship you have with your children, with your family and with your colleagues.

Communication isn’t a crucial part of life, it CREATES life.

Communication is also how you create the happiest, most engaged, most productive employees.  It’s how you create the happiest, most engaged, most passionate customers.

Communication is EVERYTHING.

Communication is about your ability to Connect, Engage, and create Trust with other human beings.  It’s not a part of business, it is business 

So here’s some questions for you CEOs out there:

  • Who in your company is tasked with ensuring that this most critical component of business is maximized across your company –both internally and externally?  I’m guessing there’s nobody.
  • Before you lose a good portion of your best employees by calling them back into the office, have you done everything to absolutely ensure this most critical aspect of life has been maximized?
    • You want them back in the office for more Connection, Engagement, productivity, and culture do you not?  Those are functions of Communication.  What if there are other ways to achieve what you want utilizing technologies that leading companies are using –and doing it in a way that works for you and your employees?
  • You want connected, engaged employees who you can trust to do better work than they ever did in the office?  Then focus on Communication.
  • You want to improve your “customer experiences”?  Focus on Communication.  
  • You want employees that are invested and as passionate as you?  I promise the answer is in communication.
  • Have you looked at your mass emails?  How well do they Connect, let alone Engage or build Trust with your customers or prospects?
  • What about your social media?  How well is your company (your whole company, not just your social media manager!) connecting, engaging and creating trust?
  • Who in your company is tasked with ensuring that you have the best possible technology from across a vast ocean of technologies that could possibly help you (see image below)?
  • Who in your company is tasked with working with your employees to ensure they are maximizing each opportunity to Connect, Engage, and build Trust with customers?


I’ve been working with many of the largest brands in the world (Sanyo, Sony, Walmart, L’Oreal, RBC, BMO, Rogers, Canadian Tire, etc) for over 9 years in the area of communications:  Email, Social Media, and Unified Communications (video, chat, bots, etc); and NOBODY is maximizing this most critical aspect of business.  

Many are getting some parts right.  Nobody is getting everything right.  That’s why I started this company –we identify and solve the largest gaps in communication creating happier employees who create happier customers.

What is Communications?  It’s not an aspect of business, or an aspect of life.  It’s… EVERYTHING.
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